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Brandon Bellamy
Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Bellamy is a passionate and purpose-driven real estate entrepreneur and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The Velocity Companies. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Bellamy has excelled in real estate investment, real estate development, and private fund management, and he has won numerous industry awards, including the Globe Street Opportunity Award. Mr. Bellamy couples a unique knowledge of market-rate and affordable housing development and a superior understanding of financial engineering to impact existing and developing communities.

During his tenure at The Velocity Companies, the firm has developed and consulted on projects located in the Mid-Atlantic and the Carolinas with an aggregate asset value exceeding $500 million. Mr. Bellamy specializes in municipal financing, tax increment financing, tax-exempt bonds, joint venture transaction and financing, public-private partnerships, planned community development and redevelopment, and an innovative way of researching emerging markets.

Under Mr. Bellamy’s leadership, The Velocity Companies has built a team of professionals that specialize in assisting clients in real estate investment and property development activities by analyzing real estate development and conceiving investment opportunities. Driven by their commitment to providing a significant impact in under-invested communities, the Velocity team boldly pursues projects that champion the health and vitality of local economies through meaningful development.

Mr. Bellamy is also the founder and principal broker for The Republic Real Estate Group and has been a featured speaker at numerous seminars on underserved communities. Mr. Bellamy remains committed to the communities he develops and the people his projects serve.

Richard Solomon
Chief Administrative Officer

Richard Solomon is the Chief Administrative Officer. Richard provides administrative and operations support across the Velocity team. He tracks all executive, partner, and client meetings and schedules. He also reviews all contracts and conducts research on special projects.

Before joining Velocity, he practiced law. Richard has also acted as a developer in Florida and across the Washington D.C metropolitan area. He worked with small business entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses.

Garfield Antonio
Chief Financial Officer

Garfield Antonio is the Chief Financial Officer for The Velocity Companies. Mr. Antonio has more than 20 years’ experience in banking, financing, and development.  Prior to forming Velocity, Mr. Antonio worked as a senior executive for Riggs Bank NA and held other executive positions at both Mercantile Potomac Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank. Mr. Antonio served as the chief financial officer and senior development manager for the Saint Paul Community Development Corporation.  As a leading non-profit organization, this group developed affordable workforce housing, market-rate condominiums, and commercial properties. The organization provided much-needed housing to some of the most blighted neighborhoods in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Mr. Antonio has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Delaware State University.

People Foundry

  • “Mr. Bellamy understands the different perspectives of the residents and businesses that share the spaces he develops. He advocates for them and designs around their needs. Driven by Mr. Bellamy’s commitment to providing a significant impact in under-invested communities, the Velocity team boldly pursues projects that champion the health and vitality of local economies through meaningful development. Under his leadership, his team has created thousands of jobs, all with the intention of maximizing impact for underserved and under-resourced communities.”

    Steve Proctor, President & CEO
    G.S. Proctor & Associates
  • “Brandon and his partners with ArcTrust have a proven track record of investing and developing communities with state, federal and local incentive programs, which is part of the can-do attitude that has contributed to the development renaissance that is taking place all over Prince George’s County.”

    Angela Alsobrooks, County Executive
    Prince George’s County
  • “Velocity Companies is well aware of the socioeconomic challenges that plague particular sections of our community. Yet, they jumped at the chance to change a neighborhood for the better. Their initial blood, sweat, and equity would clear a path for something great–something bigger than themselves.”

    Derrick Leon Davis, Council Member
    Prince George’s County District 6