Marcellus serves Velocity as the Director of Land Development. Marcellus performs feasibility analyses of potential projects in close collaboration with finance, construction, home building, and sales teams. He also prepares and maintains project performance metrics that include pre-development budget, development budget, funding proposals, investment memos, tax credit applications, and project timeline for turnkey development projects. Marcellus evaluates and secures zoning permits, other local government entitlements required for the development. His oversight and management of external partners, e.g. architect, market data consultants, environmental consultants, community organizations, political officials have resulted in successful development projects.

Marcellus works with brokers and landowners to uncover land and development opportunities for the company. He leverages his long-term relationships and knowledge of sub-markets to originate off and on market development opportunities. His responsibility is to structure projects that are profitable, coherent with the branding and business strategy of the company and improves the community.

Marcellus has 25 years of extensive project management and commercial real estate development experience. He brings a unique perspective in deal structure and financial engineering in the Urban Markets to Velocity Capital. He served as the Operations Manager for a Dome Development providing construction and project management experience to the organization. The company focused on multi-use, mixed-use, and affordable housing construction, development, and management.