Project Description

This project has been designed to catalyze the revitalization of the legacy communities located along the Hull Street corridor, in Richmond, Virginia. It is an environmentally responsible, quasi-urban pedestrian friendly, revitalization of the approximately 23 acre site.

This proposed mixed-use development project is located at 5141 Hull Street in Richmond Virginia. It is estimated that this project would create approximately 400 jobs. The project is being developed through a joint venture with ARC Properties, Inc., and Velocity Capital, LLC.

Retail District/Place Making

  • 36,000 SF of retail; National Grocer
  • 5,800 SF of gas convenient store (WAWA)
  • 40,000 SF of retail
  • Entry boulevard – Gateway
  • Parallel parking for convenience
  • Diverse landscaping and outdoor spaces

Residential District

  • 60 Townhomes
  • Upscale amenities and outdoor activity area
  • Pedestrian and neighborhood-scale streets
  • Park landscaping and streetscape with courtyards, plazas, and parks

Project Details

Project: Hull Street

Location: Richmond, VA

Project Status: Current

Value: $50 Million

Partner: ARC Trust Inc.