Brandon Bellamy

Brandon Bellamy

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bellamy is the Chief Executive Office of Velocity Companies and specializes in real estate acquisitions, commercial & residential property development, and real estate investment management. This type of management requires an understanding of the municipal financing, TIFs, tax exempt bonds & private placement bond financing, joint venture transaction & financing, planned community & condominium development, and an innovative way of researching the emerging markets. With a unique knowledge of affordable housing development, he has a superior understanding of real estate loan structuring and restructuring, workouts, investment portfolio management, financial engineering, and reorganization.

During his tenure, the firm has acquired, developed, and consulted on projects that are across the United States (including Washington, D.C., Maryland, Michigan, New York, etc.) and within the Caribbean (St. Johns, U.S. Virgin Islands) that has an aggregate value that exceeds $500 million.

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Bellamy has excelled in real estate investment, real estate development, and real estate portfolio management. Under his direction, Velocity Companies has built a team of professionals that are able to assist clients in all real estate investment and property development activities. The team is able to accomplish this by analyzing real estate development and conceiving investment opportunities. Velocity facilitates and implement investment and development strategies that take vacant, flat lots to fully operational properties with active businesses as tenants.

Mr. Bellamy works with local citizen groups, governmental bodies and other interested parties to obtain necessary project permits and entitlements. To ensure that all projects are conducive to the public and Velocity Companies’ project designs, Mr. Bellamy directs and manages the Development Project Execution Team that is responsible for the construction of projects and coordination of designers, consultants, and general contractors.