About Us

Our Story

We're a real estate company that believes in development - from people and community up. Driven by our passion for creating beautiful and sustainable properties, our team brings an individual and collective experience across multiple business sectors.

The true definition of development means to take something from its existing state and help it realize it's highest potential. At Velocity Companies, we believe this starts with people, and translates to developing properties.

In 2009, we came together with an extensive experience base in real estate, finance and management to bring something unique to the real estate marketplace. We founded Velocity in the height of the recent recession and we've been able to grow and build something special. There's no quit in this group. We're proud that we have been able to flourish from that difficult starting point.

Together. Faster.

We love what we do!

Our Passion

We love real estate! We believe in sharing our love through financial engineering. Real estate, and its many facets, is the main driver and at the heart of almost every aspect of business and industry. Working with national retailers, cities and governments, private investors, lenders, and communities, we have made our principal market Mid Atlantic region, where our footprint is consistently growing.

We love what we do and we love the people and communities we do it for. We want to be a good neighbor. We talk to our community stakeholders and build relationships that enable us to work with a diverse range of people.

We're a fun, passionate collective bent on doing well, so that we can do good. We're the company that cares about people even more than profit. However, we believe in being profitable and our shareholders appreciate this. But we believe in being profitable because profitability enables us to help more communities.

For the community...

Our Beliefs

Velocity Companies, at our core, truly seek to level the playing field. Where economic disadvantage has historically existed in urban markets with compelling demographics, we vigorously pursue opportunities. Our experience has proven to us that the human dynamic is the same in communities across the socioeconomic divide.

Everyone wants safe, attractive housing, in pleasant, picturesque neighborhoods. The desire to be able to live, work and play in a beautiful environment isn't limited to any single community demographic.

With this knowledge, we approach every project from the first person perspective, "would I want to live/work/play here"? These are critical questions that we ask throughout each phase of a development to ensure we are putting people first.

Authenticly Serving

Our Mission

Many urban communities have been missed in the boom of real estate and entrepreneurial efforts. More than just building, we bring significant economic opportunity to these overlooked communities. Velocity Companies is reaching these areas in a profound way. Some of our projects are in pockets of neglected communities, which have all of the market fundamentals necessary to make them very attractive targets for investment.

The energy that we inject into a development effort, gives that project a life of its own and sustains it through completion and full operation. This means the people that make up the teams, that in-turn constitute the engine driving these community-focused endeavors is critical.Every team member brings unique attributes and an ability to contribute at a very high level to the collaborative.

Looking to the future...

Our Outlook

We are bullish on urban development. Vast opportunities exist in our target areas.There's strong demand for rental and for sale residential properties,
along with significant demand for commercial retail and office space. Velocity Companies have positioned ourselves to lead the way in fulfilling this demand.